Sears Adventure Safari

Building Brand Consideration for Sears Using Games Targeted for 30 & Under

WINNER: Apptentive Prize


We built Sears Safari Challenge to engage users 30 and under to recognize that SEARS stores, and online sells some great Brands!

We wanted to build something fun, memorable, and social - a safari which could be completed during micro-moments in the day. During a bus ride, waiting in line, or during a brief break in the day.

How it works

1) The user logs into Facebook - this allows us to customize the experience by greeting the user, and immediately knowing a little more about their perspective.

2) We follow the idea of 'Ad-Libs' or 'Choose Your Own Adventure', where the outcome can be fun and unexpected.

3) Q1: We ask them a location. (Beach, Mountains, Safari)

4) Q2: We ask them what they want to do. (Sing, Dance, Boating!)

5) Q3: Ask them to choose a product Brand (Samsung, Apple, Go Pro)

6) Then we dynamically remember what was selected, and share a short visual, memorable story.

7) The user can then bring along their top friends from Facebook, and share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Text.

Challenges I ran into

a) Getting the right http query back from Sears API, and figuring out how to read JSON b) Getting a BaaS working from Apigee sandbox and understanding how to query the JSON. c) Using the templates in Ionic d) Adapting controller, and services JS to work and dynamically show content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Worked collaboratively with friends, and industry mentors, and built and end to end app on my own.

What I learned

Please see the challenges list.

What's next for Sears Adventure Safari

I would love to help Sears with Product Management work, and creating simple targeted experiences. recommend testing the current Sears app with the AT&T ARO tool.

Built with: Trello, Angular JS, CSS, Cordova, Ionic Framework, Apptentive,

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